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We are open 7 nights per week.
Monday thru Thursday 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Friday and Saturday 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Sunday 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Proprietor Roe Urena

Dinner Menu
Le Classique Bistro

Executive Chef Kender Urena

Pâté de la Masson
Country Pâté with green peppercorns, Foie Gras & Truffle mousse
And cranberry-apple chutney & Pan de Galicia ...

Escargots a ’la Provencal
Gratin with garlic aioli and herbed bread crumbs ...

Soupe de l’oignon
Onion soup
with Comte cheese ...
$ 8.50

Tomato Tart Tatin
Tomato tart with Vidalia onions marmalade, Goat cheese, frisse lettuce and pistou ... $10.50

Moules Mariniere
Sweet Maine mussels steamed with white wine, shallots and fresh parsley ...

Terrine D'Aubergines et Poivron
Rainbow terrine of eggplant, zucchini, squash, spinach, asparagus, roasted sweet peppers
& Gruyere cheese with horseradish - mustard sauce ...

Steamed Asparagus
With truffle vinaigrette and Parmesan-Reggiano ... $10.50

Cuisine de Chef - Appetizers

Coquilles ST. Jacques
Seared sea scallops with caper, currants, croutons Avocado puree and roast beets ...

Foie gras
Seared Moulard Duck Foie Gras crusted with toasted walnuts, baby arugula, and Pain Mie ...

Mozzarella di Buffala Campana
 With Organic tomatoes, Prosciutto Di Parma, "Cafaggio" extra virgin olive oil and Aceto Balsamic di Moderna vinegar ...

 Country pate, Foie Gras, Assorted dry sausage - Finocchiono, Cacciatorini, Saucisson de Lyon, Duck prosciutto, cornichons and Moutarde D'Orlean ...

Salades de la maison

“Hache” Chopped Salad
With English cucumber, tomatoes, Daikon radish, green peas, corn, heart of palm,
Red peppers, lettuce, French feta cheese and Jerez vinaigrette ...

Bistro Salad
Sliced pears, sun-dried cranberries, candied pecans, mélange of greens,
 Roquefort cheese & house vinaigrette ...

Caesar Salad
 Hearts of Romaine Lettuce with marinated anchovies,
 Shaved Parmesan cheese & Gruyere Paillettes...

Roasted Heirloom Baby Beet Salad
With walnut “Dacquoise” Granny Smith apples, Mache lettuce, salsify & warm
goat cheese ...

Marinated Roasted Heirloom Beet Salad
With walnuts, navel oranges, haricot verts and warm goat cheese...


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Le Classique Bistro ENTREES

Steak, Filet, Lamb Chops or Chicken Frites
Choice of
Organic crispy roasted chicken $27.95
Angus Top Sirloin or Filet Mignon or Colorado Lamb Chops $39.95
Served with pommes frites & your choice of Béarnaise or au poivre sauce

Jarrett  D’Agneau
Slowly Braised Colorado Lamb shank with root vegetables

Cassoulet de Castelnaudary
 Lamb, Duck confit, garlic sausage and flageolet beans

Veal Paillard
With peppercorn sauce asparagus, Gruyere cheese and pommes frites $29.95

Arugula Chicken
Paillard of chicken lightly breaded with baby arugula, Belgian endive, Heirloom tomatoes salad and Parmesan shavings


Organic salmon filet with rosette of Provencal roasted vegetables, sautéed shitake mushrooms, tomatoes and herb vinaigrette, and forbidden black rice

Slowly Roasted Dover Sole a la Meuniere or Amandine
With creamy Jasmine rice, haricot vert, and shaved asparagus salad $48.95

Sea Scallops
Pan seared with truffle vinaigrette, haricots verts and chives mashed potatoes and

Maine Lobster
Shelled, whole, sweet Maine Lobster with butternut squash, potato dumplings, Honshimeji mushrooms, brussel sprout leafs and tamarindo-port sauce $32.95

Supreme de Canard
Pomegranate glazed duck breast and duck leg "Craquelin" with haricots verts,
Grand Marnier sauce and apple-polenta "Savarin"

Supreme de Poulet Organique or Boeuf
Roquefort & walnuts crusted organic crispy chicken breast or Filet Mignon with balsamic-glace
Portobello mushrooms and wilted spinach

Oven roasted Organic chicken, pommes de Terre Macaire, crispy lardon, haricot vert, rosemary chicken jus $28.95

Grilled NY steak with crispy onion ring bundle, buttermilk potato cake, au poivre cognac sauce

Colorado d'agneau Persille
 Rack of Lamb with roasted brussel sprouts, pommes puree, crispy pancetta & roasted red beets


~ Pommes Frites ~ Haricots Verts ~ Asparagus ~ Brussel Sprouts 
~ Broccoli Rabe ~ Creamy or Sauteed Spinach ~

Thoroughly Cooking meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs, reduces the risk of foodborne illness

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Desserts de Les

Blueberry Galette
Light blueberry cake with crispy top served warm with Blackberry-cabernet sorbet

Crème  Brûlée
Vanilla Bean custard with cookies

Mousse au Chocolat
Chocolate mousse with fresh berries, chocolate biscotti and raspberry sorbet

Gateau au Chocolat
Warm chocolate cake, made to order with chocolate   ganache melting center & pistachio ice cream

Cream puffs stuffed with French Vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce

Bananes Sauté
Bananas sautéed with fresh orange juice, flambé with  cointreau & brandy Topped on vanilla ice cream

Organic Costa Rican Brown Sugar Cake
With Dulce de Leche ice cream, caramelized macadamia nut and Fleur de Sel

Sorbets de le Choix De Glace
Blackberry-Cabernet, Mango & Raspberry Sorbet
Vanilla, Chocolate, Pistachio & Dulce de Leche ice cream

De Fromage de Bistro
Assorted cheese plate $15.00

Menu de thé
Tea Menu

A certified Organic  Japanese green tea

English Breakfast
 It is simply China Black Tea

From Egypt using only the finest flower heads,
not thin & watery, fresh scent of green apples

Formosa Oolong
From Taiwan a style of brown Oolong that
Americans love with a toasty flavor

Orange Pekoe with the caffeine removed

Peppermint Herbal
From Oregon. A marvelous, brisk peppermint
with an incredible aroma

Earl Grey Supreme
The finest of Earl Grey teas, uses a higher
grade of teas with bergamont  & the addition of
Ceyoln vintage silver tips

 It is a fruity black tea with a hint of
lemony Bergamont

Ceylon & India
 The finest blend of Orange Pekoe with the caffeine

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Taylor Fladgate 2003

Sandeman Vintage Porto '00 $18

Taylor Fladgate LBV 2000

Cockburns Vintage Porto '00 $15
Cockburns Anno LBV 1998 $15
Dows Vintage Porto 1997 $17
Croft Quintada Roeda
Vintage Porto 1995
Gould Campbell
Vintage Port 1994

Fonseca Vintage Port 1985



Warre’s Colheita Vintage Tawny



Warre’s Otima 10 year old $10
Cockburns 10 year old $12

Fonseca 10 year old


Sandeman 20 year old $13
Taylor Fladgate 30 year old $22

Fonseca 40 year old


Peller Estates "Ice Wines" 2004
Choice of:

Vidal Blanc
Cabernet Franc
All Oak aged, Canada $19
Grappa /Brandy
Jacopo Poli “Grappa di Sassicaia” $20
Jacopo Poli “ Sarpa di Poli” $8
Primi Frutti “Pesca” choice of Peach, lemon or strawberry Grappa $9
Trimbach “Framboise” Grand Reserve Raspberry Brandy $9
Cognacs & Single Malts
Martell VSOP $12.
St.Vivant Armagnac  $12.
Sempe V.S.O.P. $12. 
Martell CordonBleu  $24 
Macallan 12    $12.
Macallan 15 Fine Oak    $17.
Macallan 18    $34.
Glenlivet 12  $12.
Glenfiddich  $12.
Glenmorangie  $12.
Laphroaig $12.
Calvados Boulard $12.
Courvoisier VSOP  $12.
Hine, Rare & Delicate $12.
Remy VSOP $13. 
Remy XO  $28.
Hennessy VSOP $11.
Hennessy XO  $28. 

Gran Centenario Anejo

Johnny Walker GREEN $17.
Johnny Walker BLUE $44.
Dessert Wine
Muscat Beaumes De Venise $11
Muscat Domaine de Coyeux $11
Château d'Arche Sauterne Barsac
Premier Grand Cru Classe 1998
Château d’Yquem
Lur-Saluces Sauterne
1995, Half Btle
1998, Full Btle

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