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In the late 1970s, South Norwalk’s downtown business section, including the historic buildings centered on Washington Street, had been slated for demolition.  But starting in 1977, a group of progressive minded citizens, including newly elected mayor Bill Collins, turned South Norwalk’s fortunes around and created Historic SoNo.  Now, well into to twenty-first century, SoNo thrives in a way that no one could have imagined, truly a lesson and legend in what far sighted thinking will bring.

SoNo, with its delightful mixture of classy and tasteful or just plain homey restaurants, shops, and clubs, combined with museums and galleries, has become integrated with greater Norwalk as well as the harbor and Long Island Sound beyond. SoNo is anchored by the Maritime Center, which invites visitors of all ages to become immersed in sea life.  Exhibits, educational programs, research cruises, and a boat building shop, are topped off by the spectacular IMAX Theatre.

The Norwalk Museum on North Main brings Norwalk’s past into a very sharp focus: The Norwalk Hat Factory comes back to life along with locks, 19th century pottery and a traditional hardware store.   On the corner of Main and Washington, climb up a flight of stairs to the SoNo Switch Tower Museum, also of 19th century vintage.

Adjacent to the Aquarium, on a bluff overlooking the Norwalk River, is Oyster Shell Park (originally named Oyster Shell Point for the thousands of oyster shells discarded there by Native Americans making Wampum) where trails and walkways wind through marsh grasses, reeds and wildflowers.  The park abounds with migratory birds, fiddler crabs and other aquatic life.  From this bluff is a view of Norwalk Harbor, “The Jewel of Long Island Sound,” where, besides fifteen marinas, there are 2,700 commercial vessel trips to and fro every year including those of the thriving oyster businesses.

And then there are the festivals.

In June, the festival season kicks in with a bang, or rather a splash.   The Norwalk Harbor Splash emphasizes fun in and around the water with an accent on family and youth with a capital Y.  A few sparkling examples:  Have your face painted and join in the Cub Club activities at Black Bear Saloon; Help assemble a life-size humpback whale, great white shark or harbor seal at the Aquarium; Come face-to-face with life-like dinosaurs then board an amazing 3-D simulated adventure ride on Dinosaur Island; For a celebration of seafood, there’s the Annual Chowder Cook-Of; For a celebration of sounds, music acts with an emphasis on rhythm and adventure.  Then, to top it all off, The Annual Hong Kong Dragon Boat Race!  Let the good times roll!

Also in June, the Norwalk Jazz Festival features the best in traditional, contemporary and Latin jazz.

The Annual Sono Arts Celebration actually pre-visioned SoNo in that bi-centennial year of 1976.  Climaxing with a parade of giant puppets, this feast of talent brings together the creations of over 150 fine artists and craftsmen surrounded by an atmosphere of music and dance.

And finally, the Norwalk Oyster Festival, as venerable as SoNo itself, with internationally known music acts as well as hundreds of arts and crafts booths, sky divers, environmental displays, children's activities and rides, oystering exhibits, vintage vessels, harbor cruises, and food, food, food!

Not too far from Sono is The Lockwood-Matthews Mansion located on West Ave. This beautiful Historical Victorian Palace is open to the public. The link for more info is below.

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We have listed quite a few of the businesses in South Norwalk but there are many more !
And Company Clothes/Home Goods 108 & 127 Washington St. 203-831-8855
Beadworks Beads, Beads, and more Beads !! 139 Washington St. 203-852-9194
Ground Zero Coffee Shop 79 Washington St. 203-853-9376
Kaas & Co., Inc. A Taste of Holland 83 Washington St. 203-838-6161
Lillian August Collection 22 Elizabeth St. 203-838-8026
M & M Cigars Cigars, Tobacco & Gifts 83 Washington St. 203-853-9748
Pellegrini Jewelers Full Service Jewelers 83-85 Washington St. 203-838-1405
Perry ~ Matto Gallery Jewelry, Antiques, Tiffany Lamps 68A Washington St. 203-866-9119
Saga Arts of the Americas 119 Washington St. 203-855-1900
Sassafrass A Country Gift Shop 132 Washington St. 203-838-2499
Villa Ceramica Chinaware 99 Water Street 203-866-6399
Wirth Salander Studios Inc. Hand Painted Custom Tiles 43 N. Main Street 203-852-9449
Restaurants in Sono
Some of the restaurants also have entertainment
More Restaurants in Norwalk
Barcelona Wine Bar Spanish/Mediterranean 63 N. Main St. 203-899-0088
The Brewhouse American/Brewhouse 13 Marshall St. 203-853-9110
Estia Greek Restaurant Greek 88 Washington St. 203-354-4781
El Alcapulco Mexican 84 Washington St. 203-853-6217
Famous Pizza House Pizza 23 N. Main St. 203-838-6100
Kazu Japanese 64 N. Main St. 203-866-7492
The Loft Martini Lounge 97 Washington St. 203-838-6555
Match New American Cuisine 98 Washington St. 203-852-1088
O'Neill's Pub & Restaurant Irish 77 North Main St. 203-838-0222
Sono Seaport Seafood Seafood 100 Water St. 203-854-9483
Shanghai Asian Bistro Asian 124 Washington St. 203-957-3888
Strada 18 Pizza Italian/Pizza 122 Washington St. 203-853-4546
Nightclubs in Sono
Some of the restaurants also have entertainment
Bar Eleven 11 Washington St. S. Norwalk, Ct. 203-831-8475
The Loft 97 Washington St. S. Norwalk, Ct. 203-838-6555
Black Bear Saloon 80 Washington St. S. Norwalk, Ct. 203-299-0711
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