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Shelton / MS
Shelton, the home of the WIFFLE® Ball?  Well, yes. This multifaceted town lying at the confluence of the Housatonic and Naugatuck Rivers in northeast Fairfield County shares a manufacturing history with the other towns in the Naugatuck Valley. But in this case, athletic whimsy rises above and beyond that tradition.

According to the WIFFLE website, it all began when the founder‘s son, David A. Mullany  was 12 years old and struggling to hit a golf ball with a broomstick in the family’s backyard as well as attempting to throw a curve ball. His pitching attempts resulted in an arm that “felt like jelly.”  The elder Mullany (also named David), a former semi-pro pitcher, protected his son’s tender arm by creating a hollow plastic ball that soon became the WIFFLE Ball we all know and love.

Shelton, originally called Huntington, was settled in 1639 as a part of Stratford only nineteen years after the Pilgrims landed in Massachusetts.  In the 19th century, as the Naugatuck Valley became a leading industrial area, the riverside section outgrew the rural areas and the city of Shelton was named after one of its industrial entrepreneurs. That dichotomy between the still rural Huntington and “downtown” Shelton still stands today.
Although the industries are gone, the aesthetic value of the old factory buildings has led to their restoration.  This writer fell in love with his future home when while driving over the Route 8 bridge over the Housatonic River he saw an enormous factory tower and below it a sign reading “Star Pin Factory.”  Soon after that the family moved into a 1747 house located just down the road from a dairy farm. The proximity of grazing cows for me meant, “Safe at home!”

Shelton’s scenic location high above the Housatonic River can be seen from many spots along Route 110 and on the hills rising above the river.  But if you want to get up close and personal, there is Indian Well State Park with beach on the river. The park's scenic waterfalls and splash pool give this park its name. The lovely falls, and shaded picnic grove at the water's edge make this park a great place to spend a lazy summer day.   

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